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How can I get samples from your company?

As courier cost to foreign countries is really not cheap and some buyers don't treat the samples serious after they receive, we require every interested buyer to follow:

1. Discuss every terms of the deal very well with us before we sending samples;

2. Provide a name card or company information to us;

3. Provide us some pictures of your office, warehouse, stocks, etc to verify that you're a real charcoal dealer;

4. We'll send total weight less than 1.5 kgs free, and if you need more, you have to pay the courier cost, but we'll deduct the money from future's order amount.

We're very happy to send samples to every interested and serious buyer to test our top quality to provide both parties opportunity, but also hate those un-serious buyers to play.


Contact: Mr. Peng

Phone: +86 188 73024477

Tel: +852 26681868


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